Comparing Has No Use!

​>> You have to understand that everyone here is on their journey. Someone maybe fast and others can be slow, towards different directions through separate ways.
>> Yeah
>> And so, comparing is useless.
>> Then east west north south long short white black, what are these?
>> Characteristics, adjectives, to recognize and separate from each other. To measure.
>> If two or more people are on same track, aren’t they competitors?
>> What are they doing on same track?
>> Of course, to run towards same goal.
>> Their speed must be different. 
>> Yes, obviously. 
>> Then they are on their own journeys.
>> Why to run away from competitions?
>> Not to run away or skipping from competitions. Just to know that we all are on our different journeys and comparing one to others has no use but to make one feel proud and other to backward. It may make one feel jealous also.
>> If one feels jealous, he may become more compitetive, don’t you think?
>> Jealous is jealous because he is not in competition, but wants others or someone to be back.
>> And competitors?
>> They should compete with themselves not others. And for that, they must not compare with others but to recheck their position, they are really in progress or not.
>> What after end?
>> There is no end. No end is there, I see.
>> Someone maybe avoiding to work, then?
>> Some people can be so. Off course all are not the same. There are hardworking people too. Honest-dishonest, good-bad, opposites are everywhere.
>> Aren’t they good or bad, because we see them different and compare with each other?
>> Already answered. It’s for measuring not comparing. Opposites also have their own directions and growth. They are not in competition.

20:03, Tuesday 

July 12, 2016


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