Darkness Nourishes Brightness! 

I want to talk,

But I’m afraid to disclose

What I have in my mind.
It’s Damon living there in

The deepest and darkest part

Inside of my mind.
I’m afraid

If you know my Damonic reality

What would you think

What would be your reaction?
Reality is not beautiful

The fake is beloved by all

And truth is abandoned, lied, ignored.
I love my reality,

And the darkness nourishes it.
I’m thankful to the darkness

That brightened the truth.
My words are easy to understand.

I can’t speak in symbolic language.

My words have no other meanings.
Damon lives in Darkness,

And Darkness lives within me,

Carrying the brightness of the Truth.
If you can’t understand my words

Then come and be lost in my silence.

Believe me,

My silence speaks more clearly than my words

And my eyes cry louder than my voice.

12 July 2016

Tuesday, 21:50


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