My Cremation Ceremony 

​I’m not religious.

I maybe misunderstood by people

as Hindu

because of my name,

or Buddhist,

because my parents were Buddhists,

or Taoist,

because I have received the Dao at Fotang on 13th of March 2016. 
We all may have different thinking about life, life-force, death, after life,

..depending on our family, society, faith.

Aur cremation is also done by family and society according to what they think about our faith.

Abounded dead bodies are cremated by police.
We should always know that before birth and after death we don’t follow any political ideology or having faith in any religious scriptures.
A dead body (yes, this is what they call us after death before cremation) is not political or religious.
He was burnt after death and his ashes were spread on entire the land by plane. He was born in an Hindu family, Brahman by cast, but his cremation was like that. He was not a Hindu, he had a little faith on Buddhism, but introduced Scientific Religion to India. He had dreamed the nation with skilled people, laboratories instead of temples. He died, and for people, he is now just the first Prime Minister of India.
Some of sultans had already made their tombs in their life-time, before death. They made their lives and death too.
We make plans for future and old age but rarely we make plans for our death and cremation.
As of now

As much as I could know myself

I’m non-religious, an atheist, citizen of earth planet, following no political ideology, a mammal with male gander. Jiddu Krishnamurti and UG Krishnamurti are more close to my philosophy I apply on my life.
I wish my organs should be taken out of my body for others (though I have not registered for donations of my organs so far) before my cremation, and the cremation should  be without any religious rituals, without any priest, some friends only can be there. Dead body should be burned and ashes should be burried as Taoist+Buddhist Grave.
I don’t know when, where and how I will die. It’s just my wish I would like to be treated after the energy left and matter will be remaining there.

22:50, Sunday

17th of July 2016


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