Small Illness Is Good

​I was coughing since yesterday morning and got fever at noon but reached Fothang at 02:30 pm and attended the class till 6pm. I was really feeling sick but couldn’t leave Fotang before the class finished and I left without having the food. Neighbouring doctor gave me an injection and some medicines, and now I’m feeling well.
I realized, mind rules body. I tried to ignore weakness while I did not had lunch yesterday. I came home in evening from Fotang and even after visiting doctor, I was had body pain, headache, fever, coughing, but successfully ignored the sickness. Took some rest and till night I was feeling better.
Mind rules over body but mind has some limitations also. Bruce Lee and  Mohd Ali type legends believe, man loses only if mind loses. In our society, I see, people have mind with limitations (of culture, religion, morality, family, friends etc.) Being free from limitations is not for everyone. Our economic conditions and social status also decides what we think and how to think, that also create limitations in mind. Generally a poor boy can see and imagine a girl from rich family but not think to have her as girlfriend.
Whenever I’m sick, doing vomiting, my body becames weak, I lose my control over my body and then I lose hope too. I feel I would die.
Yesterday and today I have fever with coughing. These sorts of small illness or little weaknesses, I think, are good. It makes me concerning (aware in another way) about my body. It also helps me to understand the relationship between body and mind.
In 1998, I was in class 8th, malaria caught me a month before my annual exams. I couldn’t study properly, my mouth was bitter, fever with cold and shivering every night. Anything I would eat used to be out by vomit and indigestion. I could hardly drink Pej (Aayambil) and watermelon to eat. I was too weak that I had to walk through walls. Satish Verulkar, my friend, helped me taking to school for exams and bring back to home in evening. During my school examinations, doctor came to know that malaria was gone already very early but fever was because of worms in my stomach. He changed my medicines and next day of my school examinations, I was fine. I passed the exam in first class marks while Satish Verulkar failed.
I was 16 years old, pure and innocent good boy. I often dreamed human skull burried in mud, dirty but unbroken, strong, yellowish white human skull. I would feel that skull is mine after my death by malaria, but I survived.
I become more aware about my body. But it was interesting to know what after life? What I could do was just to know the life. I used wrong way by studying palmistry, astrology, numerology, samudrik shastra etc. I tried to find answers in religious books also. In my 25th I got freedom from all those things but I’m still keen to know hidden things. Small illness are good to understand that soul, rooh, spirit are names only. Consciousness is important. Life Force is different and that’s not soul, atma, rooh etc. I come to know that Life Force is divided into all parts of body also combines to work as one. Body doesn’t work, heart and breathing may stop, but nails and hairs remain growing they say. I can’t say death is an incident. It maybe a process going on during life and even after life too, until everythingis returned to the matter and energy.
When I’m fine, with good health, then too, sometimes I feel less energy in me. It depends on minds, what it gets from circumstances and environment, and society (the unnatural system of globe). Matter is body, consciousness helps for communication between body and mind. If mind is sad (of course the mind, not the blood pumping machine), I find no enthusiasm in body. If body is tired but mind is happy, I feel tension in muscles but ready to work.
So mind and body are different, communication is by consciousness. Life Force is not a thing that leaves out after a time but decreases gradually in Life time, and faster after death (I think just).


Sunday evening

17th of July 2016


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