What Conspiracy?

Some people find it so easy to dismiss conspiracy theories, with a sort of eye-rolling, cynical and arrogant attitude, as if they know what is going on in our world today.  So here are a few questions to guide you in your (Google) quest to discover the truth (if you’re interested).
Isn’t it interesting, that what is fed to us through mainstream media is called ‘reality’, and stories that tell an in-depth background about our history,  are labled as ‘theories’? It ought to be reversed! Most people I know that reject or dismiss conspiracy information, are the ones that have done the least research themselves.

It is scary to realise how many people (still) seem to believe that our governments and our politicians are only looking out for our best interest, or at least, did in the past. But they are wrong on both accounts, because they never have. If this were so, the world simply wouldn’t be in the state that it is today. It is also scary to realise how many people still believe what we are told through newspapers and television. Why would that be, because Reuter or ANP releases the information? Because established institutions don’t lie?

Over the past years, tremendous scientific progress has been made, especially when it comes to technology. Are we to believe that they still haven’t been able to invent free and clean energy? Why have all the ones that did so, disappeared into oblivion? And why would that be? Are we to believe that scientists have never wondered or investigated if our most wanted fuels, oil and coal, have an actual function for a good reason, deep down in the earth? Have they ever wondered what the consequences could lead to, when we continue sucking oil and digging coal? And why would that be?

Let’s face it. This is what modern technology has done to us: It coerces billions of people into a miserable, enslaved life. Our food is genetically damaged by radiation and chemicals, we drink cancerous water, we breathe polluted air, our forests are dying and our children blindly march to their death on the battlefields. How did that happen? Why did we let that happen?

Julias Caesar said, “Give them bread and games”. And look at us. Tablets, smart phones, computers, Facebook, Twitter and fast food. The image comes to mind of addicted gamers that wear diapers and surround themselves with food, so they can continue playing for hours on end. Our bread and games are all we have left, or at least most of us. Sometimes it feels like we gave up, and submitted to our fate of slavery. Like in a dark dream. Somehow I know that I’m dreaming, but I’m unable to wake up.

Why do you think the Spanish Inquisition started killing off all the witches and heretics in 1478? In the name of the church they successfully wiped out the entire natural-wisdom-culture that pervaded Europe. The culture that taught farmers how to work the land in a way that enriches the soil, and triggers it to yield tremendous crops of high quality food. The culture that had their own rituals and Gods which kept people in touch with nature, instead of  completely alienated. The culture that knew nature to be a teacher and capable of solving all of our problems, instead of being here as some kind of decoration.

The only way crops can grow these days is through excessive use of chemical fertiliser and pesticides. The simple reason is that most land would be barren and prone to massive bug-attacks, without those artificial aids. But bugs only attack plants that have a very low life force, or magnetic force, within them. To our eye the crop looks healthy, but the bugs know they are diseased. How did that happen, and why? Why did the groundwater retreat so deeply into the earth, that farmers need to irrigate? Why did the fertile top soil of most agricultural areas disappear? Why did the scientists never discover the secret that is hidden in water? Do you ever wonder? Did you ever bother to find out?

Why was hemp banned in 1936? Industrial hemp is cheap, will grow anywhere and doesn’t pollute. It can be used to make all kinds of fibres, including plastic, paper, rope, cloth, you name it. Hemp oil was originally used to fuel Mr. Ford’s first car. He was asked to adept his engine for the use of regular oil. The kind that pollutes and is expensive. Non-industrial hemp is one of the best medical remedies for almost any disease, and it relaxes people. Just do a little search into how many deaths have been caused by alcohol versus marihuana. It is perfectly acceptable to drink in public, but smoking a joint can still get you imprisoned, in some countries. Ever since 1936 there has been a persistent flow of articles against marihuana in mainstream media. Did you ever wonder why the governments banned it ? Did you ever wonder if it was a coincidence that the ones behind these ‘hemp conspiracies’ happend to own the world’s largest chemical corporations and numerous oil fields?

Are we really to believe that the economical crisis that is sweeping the world, isn’t artificially created? Are we really to believe that our politicians are unable to come up with adequate solutions? Their answer was to bail out the bankers that started it in the first place. Eight years later, the bankers are back to receiving the same bonuses as they always have, and in some cases even more. Solving the crisis would be so simple: Raise the wages and decrease work time by 50%. What do you think would happen? There would be more jobs, more money, more free time, and a lot more happy people. What do you think happy people are going to do with their money and free time? Exactly, spend and enjoy it. What happens to a diseased economy when money starts to rotate? Yes, you got it! It starts feeding itself. Another good idea would be to print money with an expiration date on it (originally Rudolph Steiner’s idea). But what do the politicians do? Impose budgets, raise taxes, make health care unaffordable, wage expensive wars (that we pay for), and they list goes on and on. Thus we are stuck inside a starving economy.

It’s all about money and power, never about the people (us). Power corrupts, and as long as there is power over people, there will be corruption.

I don’t know what to do about all of this, I have no clue. But I do know I want to stay informed, and no longer blind to what has been going since way back when.

Conspiracy isn’t a theory, it’s a reality.

(This is Facebook Note written by Janki ji “Machteld van den Brink”
Here is the LINK of her facebook note with same name. I didn’t change or modify her words. She wrote is perfect and explained very well)


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