An Atheist Visits Temple

​She >> He said you are neither spiritual nor religious too.

Me >> I’m spiritual, not religious.

She >> He said that you are an atheist.

Me >> Ok

She >> Are you an atheist?

Me >> I’m not the one to be labelled with such names of theist-atheist-agnostic etc.

She >> Do you visit temples?

Me>> Yep

She >> Which temple, and which god you worship and for what?

Me >> I often visit Dao Fotang. I have learned their rituals also. I like the small community, and cute people.

She >> And which god or deity do you worship there?

Me >> They worship Laughing Buddha, that js just an image. They believe monk Ji Gong as Living Buddha. The Dao, or Lao Mu, Avlokiteshwara, Goddess Marcy is Formless-Nameless-Genderless light. Heaven and Hell are state of mind. They believe that Mi Le buddha, the Maitreya is about to come to rescue the world.

She >> And you don’t worship their god, the Lao Mu, Mi le, ..?

Me >> I perform rituals.

She >> They don’t force you to worship their god?

Me >> No

She >> Have you told them about your atheist beliefs, that you are faithless person.

Me >> They wouldn’t understand me properly so I had said them in simple words that I’m an atheist.

She >> Didn’t they have any problem?

Me >> They belong to the nations full of atheists and communists, buddhists.

She >> Don’t you find it difficult to perform religious rituals while being an atheist.

Me >> I’m an actor by profession.

She >> And faith?

Me >> I have faith in Love, Equality, Peace,

She >> What makes you to go there at their temple and not to hindu mandirs?

Me >> I’m not a Hindu. Their philosophy is mixture of Buddhism, Confucian and Lao Zu. They talk about Time-and-Space, Mind-and-Body relationship, Dao, Understanding of the nature.. That makes me think, I can talk to them.

She >> In Hindu temples also, you can find intellectuals in priests.

Me >> I had not find any priest so far. Ues some Brahmins are knowledgeable persons but they couldn’t be free from caateism.

She >> Are you a Taoist, Buddhist or just an atheist?

Me >> Given options are trying to fit my answer into it.

She >> So what are you?

Me >> My spiritual faith and political ideologies are my personal matter that I keep hidden and not willing to share with people. You can guess whatever you may. That would be your opinion about me, not the fact.


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