Jaano, Chhaano, tab Maano

Make it free from religion, their religious books, social laws, morality of society, languages.
Now you are at someone who created (?) this world, that someone or something who is creator of all, creator of everything, one who is governing all universe and planets, one who can’t be imagined and finally we have to go back to that absolute one. Right?
Do you see, the world is still in process of creation. Work has not be finished so far ok?
When you connect any concept of supreme almighty with universe, human mind and emotions, you call it spiritual. Of course, the concept of soul is also part of it, and you may call that jeeva, aatma, rooh, etc. Depends on your faith what you have been taught since your childhood.
That someone imaginary is unable to be imagined, so leave it.

The soul, self, jeeva, aatma, rooh, consciousness, …ain’t these theories based on different experience of different people in different times?
Personal experience is individual’s personal feeling. Old sages used to see a Snake as Kundalini inside their body along with spinal cord or backbone, going up from down. I used to see a white rod like tube-lights from my back head to  down along with spinal cord.
All experiences are experienced by Mind and Body. Both physically exist. So all feelings, experiences and thoughts emerges within individual, are private property of one. We can’t generalize them with others, also we can’t share it completely because experience can be experienced only, not shared.
Spiritual talks are talks about individual’s personal feelings and experience of journey to the self. It’s all by human body and mind. If one thinks about creation, he feels that someone has created everything and still part of everything, everyone, is his personal thinking. Similar thoughts and feelings can be observed by others in their within but it wouldn’t be exactly the same. If it’s same, that would be rare case.
Matter and Energy are in everything. Without matter energy can’t express itself and matter is useless without energy. I actually never find anything without energy, or energy without matter.
Who puts them together, who and how created this universe, why? If you are carefree about money, if you are not hungry, you have time for thinking about god soul creations etc. You call it spirituality but isn’t it trying to understand the Relation between Matter & Energy?
Nature has much still hidden, and so we imagine something and accept it as knowing the truth. Truth never reveals itself. Finding out and discovery can be possible only if we search honestly, without help of so called holy books and religious texts. Scientific researches may help, but we have not accept without examining.
My father taught me:

Jaano, Chhaano tab Maano

(To know, to examin, and if you find it true only then accept it)

13:01, Monday

18th of July 2016


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