Luck Of a Single Drop 

Most of people here in Mumbai I met so far, believe in Luck. They are struggling actors, roaming around Aaram Nagar, Four Bungalow Mahada, Shreeji.. Their meaning for luck is ‘to have contacts with people who require their look and their availability for shoots’.
They are not with any degree of philosophy, some of them are quite studious, having good understandings. They think simple, having faith on (any) god, and run for auditions, studios to studios and production houses. I see some of them are very average looking, poor looking, but they get work according to their looks. Why don’t I get work, I can’t understand. Ok, I’m not good in making friends, I don’t talk much, I can’t keep following casting directors, but I’m not bad actor. If I can’t reach there where I’m needed, it’s their responsibility to reach me for the requirement, isn’t it?
I have given many auditions, I have sent my pix to people, my audition are there on YouTube. They should approach to me, why do I? I need work but I don’t know where my look is required. They have to come to me!
If I can’t make my Luck, they have to be my Luck. It’s in my nature, I don’t initiate anything, generally. I’m what my nature is. I’m with myself. So I’m right being not wrong to anyone.
A single drop of ocean contains all elements of it. Losing self identity the drop thinks she has become the sea. I believe, entire the ocean must bow down to the drop if she rejects to lose her identity. Let’s see, if miracle happens or not.

14:42, Monday

18th of July 2016


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