Me, According To Their Astrology ;)

​Although, I don’t have faith in astrology and its predictions but I still find it interesting since my school days. Toady I was randomly searched my Kundali on Google and in a site with some descriptions I found some amazing indications about me. I’m used to read about Sun as my representative, some of my characteristics, etc. but it was first time I found in disruption that I would be reluctant to have faith in god and prayers (wow). It also says that my financial conditions will be strong after my marriage because my wife will bring me fortune (haha, I don’t know whether I will ever be married or not.. eeeeepp!!).
Here I’m pasting all words without any change:

Scientific Predictions based on 1 st planetary Position

You can be multitalented person. Because you can deal lot of subjects.You will not give importance to selfish achievements when dealing with public activities. You will oppose injustice. You will not be a narrow-minded person.You will not differentiate people based on Place, caste, religion, or mother tongue. You will consider every one as alike. Your opinion about some thing cannot change easily. You are highly intelligent. You will get some problem from close relatives. But you always are willing to help them. Your will not have healthy body, but others think just the opposite. You are not good at suffering health disorders. Diabetics, heart disorders, problem- related to the lungs and the urinal tract are possible health problem that can affect you. You will angrily react to if the matter is not acceptable to you. But you are very simple person. You do not like to hurt others. You will express sorry or repent if something happen because of your fault. You will take care of matters related to your associate. You make people feel welcome while they’re visiting you. You can behave very well in public. You will have special and attractive appearances. You will have good principle but to keep it fully all through your life, you have to give heavy price for it. This creates opponents. You should keep high morals.You should avoid drinking liquor; you can make its addict. Your marriage life will be an average success. But your spouse brings lot of fortunes. Your spouse will very able also

Scientific Predictions based on 2 nd planetary Position

You may have very few close friends. You should avoid involvement in challenging matters. You have an inborn talent to keep the things neat and orderly. You are a person who likes to invest your money in less risky zones like depositing it in bank, etc. You should avoid creating big issues on others about small defects. You will include some words carefully and intelligently in your conversations for better acceptability. Business is a good option for your career, but you would not trust anyone beyond a particular point. You must keep some distance from every one. You are a calm and friendly person. So others will consider you as a person they trust. You will not be involved in faith in G OD and prayers. You have a curiosity for learning new subjects. You will respond to a subject or situation only when you have understand it. You get help from others (even from unexpected ones). In any matter you don’t like to keep an obligation to others. You will find multiple sources of income. Moreover, you will be successful in you efforts. Your behavior is much liked by others. There will be advances of financial position and other matters after your marriage .


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