Rich Look 

Rich look! Rich look!! Rich look!!!

Everyone one for each project needs rich look males. Mukesh Ambani is one of richest person of India, Does he look rich?
They need upmarket looking males, handsome, muscular body, fair. Are they really making product for Indian people?Average Indian males are either wheatish or dusky. Fair and black are also a few in India but they don’t represent to Indian population.
They need fair males even for beggar’s character, isn’t it ironic? Their women in tv serials are always decorated with valuable ornaments, I never find such women in my society, while I’m also living in India.
It’s showbiz I understand, but it doesn’t mean to show fake families or avoiding reality of Indian society.
Hum Log, Phir Wohi Talash, Farmaan.. Don’t they learn from these tv series that how to be with reality and how to maintain the grips over audience?
Our society has many characters, some of them are fair, muscular, some are wheatish, dusky, average body and some are skinny too.
Some episodic crime shows require average looking actors but characters are not paid well. For casting directors and coordinators, upmarket artists brings good good commission. So their first priority is to cast upmarket artists for lead and semi-lead. Character artists are always secondary because they are not considered crowd pullers for tv serials.
Of cource, exceptionals are everywhere but I’m writing what is my experience. I will not quote Nawazuddin Siddique’s words because it was his experience during his struggling days. When I go for auditions, I’m mostly Not-Fit for Ads’ auditions. For tv serials, they say ‘No auditions are going on’ or ‘requirements for your look’.
I’m 5’6-7″ in hight, average body, wheatish, 35 years old male, can’t get work even in episodic tv shows.


18th of July 2016


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