Universe Is Smaller Than Our World


I can’t decide

How long she will be loving me

How long I will be loving her

I can’t promise

That I will be forever with you

That I will be forever loving you

I can’t trust you

That you will be there always for me

Because I know, Life is so uncertain

I never force you

To be mine and stay with me

And to be there when I will leave you

You are free

To live your life, to be what you want

My love was never to bind your soul

I love you

For this time only, and feeling is for today

I will forget all yesterdays and tomorrow

I live my life

At present, and I don’t have the future

And all my past have gone in memory

You find me here

Always and forever at the moment

Which is here without past and future

There is new sun

Every morning under the sky

Universe is smaller than our world

23:20, Thursday

21th of July, 2016


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