Dog And Rabbit 

​So dogs are crazy about money and power? And what about others?
Another site says, dogs are too satisfied with their lives and not crazy about money and this is why they need a good wife who can run the family properly.
….but, if dogs are shy, how could they have girlfriend? Or, the girl has to take initiatives, hasn’t her? In India, it’s rare to see girls taking initiatives in love. Not even in Mumbai, depends on which society she belongs to.
Rabbit is best for dogs, they say.

Number 1 is cursed to live alone or tolerate a bad family life; according to them. Second, numbers are different to match. We can’t trust on numbers, though we can’t ignore too, just don’t rely. 
Rabbits are said to be a bit amorous and to win them, one has not to bind them. Risk:- rabbits can match with four animals. She has four options, while the dog has only a single option: Rabbit.
Astrology gives a hints based on some past experience. Astrologers use books also some of their observations what they have seen in their lives. Yes, still we can’t trust on astrology and astrologers too no matter how much interesting it is.
Dogs are good for slavery. They are said to be loyal, honest, good for employers, society and family too. They are not criminals. They have to be good for everyone so the help people wholeheartedly without any personal interest. They are happy but don’t show much enthusiasm. At first, they may seem cold and less energetic but later as people come to know them, they become familiar with people.
Rabbit is opposite. They are kittenish, a bit naughty, faster, attracting attention without losing her grace. They are quick too. Not seems so smart but having gokd business and management ability.
Numbers and Names may have some problems but we have to ignore some factors as we know nothing is perfect in this world and we have to find out the peace from given circumstances. See, dogs are tend to be happy. 
02:11 am, Friday

22nd July 2016


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