Fake Or Real Caller?

Today, July 22, 2016, Friday, someone called me at 15:17 o’clock from +919899907183 this number and asked,
‘Aap Shraddhanshu Shekhar hai?’

Me: ‘Haan’

He: ‘Main SBI ke legal branch se bol raha hu, Aap kisi Sachin Shankar ko jaante hain?’

Me: ‘Nahi’

He: ‘Usne apke naam se pachaas hazar ka fraud kiya hai’

Me: ‘Aisa kaise? Kya kar liya, kisne?’

He: ‘Usne kuchh bees-tees hazar ka fraud kiya hai apke naam pe.’

Me: ‘Magar, aisa kaise ho gaya?’

He: ‘Baat kar lijiye aap. Monday tak ka time hai.’

Me: ‘Kis se kya baat karna hai?’

He: ‘Monday tak baat kar lijiye aap..’
And he cut the call.
He: I’m from legal branch of SBI, Are you Shraddhanshu Shekhar?

Me: Yeah, I’m.

He: Do you know any Sachin Shankar?

Me: No. Why?

He: He has done a fraud about 50,000 rupees on your name.

Me: How? How could someone do that?

He: He did some fraud about 20-30 thousands rupees, on behalf of you.

Me: But how is this possible?

He: You better talk to him, you have time till Monday.

Me: To whom and what I have to talk about?
And he cut the call.

1- I don’t know who is Sachin Shankar.

2- I searched the number (+919899907183) on TrueCaller and it’s showing Vodafone number of Vimal Tradus from New Delhi.

3- I don’t know what to do now because I’m not familiar with banking.

4- I have not checked my bank account balance yet because I had been busy in an event.

5- Now the incident is out here what happened and what the conversation was, including the number and time as well.

I’m not rich. I don’t have money. I don’t know who and how can do fraud on my name.
I don’t have money, so I help people by my time and with a little efforts only, for instance, today, when I was crossing the road to for DN Nagar Metro Station, an old man in white clothes raised his hand towards me. I couldn’t understand first, then he indicated that he has to cross the road. I took his right hand in my left hand and we both crossed the road. He said happily – 
‘Thank you sahab’
I replied with smile ‘Your welcome sir’

In metro train, I didn’t get the seat at first. One station before WEH, I got a seat, but I had to get down on next, suddenly I found an old man looking for seat and I left my seat saying ‘Yaha baith jaiye’ (Have a seat).

If I really had enough money, I would really help people, I would donate something for Fotang as well. I feel them nice people spending their lives for a pure goal.

I remember, I was in class 8th, quarterly exams were going on. Someone called in school office and asked me to talk. It was a lady on other side, they say, she informed that my father is no more. Some teachers called me to office and informed that, they also made me feel comfort and offered me to leave the paper if I wanted to go to home. I refused to leave examination.
After the paper, I went to home, my father was out with his friends and he was ok. I told about the fake call to my parents later in evening.

Another strange call I got from someone  (I have not saved that number) few months ago. He asked me if I know Jessica Norronha. I know her, she works for NSPA, I said ‘Yes I know her’.

Then he asked me to call her that she has left her purse there (where, I didn’t ask). I said, ‘You please open NSPA’s website, search Jessica, you’ll get her number there. Call her. I don’t have her number in my phone.’

I don’t know how I get such sorts of call. I don’t know really someone did fraud on my name. If they (Legal Branch Of SBI) know that someone sachin shankar did fraud, then they should go and catch him. Why do they call me? Put the fraud behind the bar.

People should not do fun with simple men like me. I don’t understand this world and it’s really not for me. My numbers are out on my Blogs, Facebook, Google etc. I’m so simple as stupid.

00:07 am, Saturday

23rd of July, 2016.


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