Three Labourers

​Story you may have heard:
I asked to labourer, he was looking tired and sweating, ‘what are you doing?’

Labour says, ‘I’m breaking stone’

Then I asked to another labourer also sweating and looking tired, ‘what are you doing?’

This labourer says, ‘I’m shaping the stones’

I approached to third labourer who was also sweating and tired but having smile on his face, ‘what are you doing?’

This third labourer said, ‘I’m building a church’

This kind of stories are used to motivate workers to have a vision with their work. They don’t reveal another face of the story. Their motive through the story is to use workers (employees) with their soul (dedication) too. 
All three labourers were doing the same work: breaking a stone into small pieces to build a church.

Labourer – 1: working for him and his family

Labourer – 2: working exactly what he was said to do

Labourer – 3: ignorant sheeple misusing himself for making the church

First and second labourers are better than the third one because they are not sheeple. They maybe ignorant of their masters, employers, but they are working for themselves. For third one, he will not be remembered after building the church.
What if it was not a church, then? If it was someone’s house they are breaking stones, then what would be moral of third labourer?

‘I’m making a beautiful house’ (for whom? Aren’t they paying you for your work? Or, they are paying you more than others?)

Fact is: they use working force for their benefits. If they facilitate the worker with good salary, house, servants, all because worker is useful for them.
Some sell their skills, some sell their labour. I’m not revealing any secret. I see the story of three labourers in a different view. I’m not to be another Marx, I’m not communist too.

11:53 am, Saturday

23rd July 2016


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