U turn! 

​You’re getting old!
You don’t seem to enjoying your life.
What do you think about death?
Are you listening me?
You are now 35, and you did nothing in your life. Are you going to spend entire your life this way?
You are abnormal you know? You should consult psychologists, better you admit in mental asylum. You are not for this society. Oh, why do I say so? See, this society is not for you.. yes it’s better sentence than the previous one.
Go! Leave!
Roam like Buddha. At least he got recognition by world, because he belonged to a royal family. What you are?

So many Buddhas were there, died without recognized by people. Who knows them?
You want to become Buddha, go die somewhere.
Jiddu already had followers, those who were not with Jiddu were gifts to UG. Do you assume yourself among them? Have you ever seen inside yourself, how lame and coward you are?
Enlightenment is fake word propagated by some spiritual gurus. If they would have enlightenment, they wouldn’t be living for fame and money.
UG, Jiddu, Mahavira, Buddha, their birth and life were not like normal people. Their family were financially strong and they didn’t think for basic needs. What are you?
See, a normal person is measured by his bank balance, house, cars, ..later comes health, and behaviours, ..these spiritual experiences are useless. People appreciate saints only jad names in past or having money in present. Do you see any guru or saint who is poor and still respected by people?
Actually, what I see is, your formation is faulty. Corrupted. You had not been ever what you should have been. You been what was pretending actually. You never been a good boy or a good son. You pretended to be so. If you were not a good person, you should have shown it ro the world. But you did what? You killed the bad person inside you, and you kept the mask of good person in fron of people. You lost the reality of yourself, that was a rebellious bad person. Now, you have lost the courage to face the world and this is why you try to escape from people.
You left no way for yourself. You have nothing to go further. You just need to go back. You actually have lived your life. It is finished. Time is still there, but with dead end.
Go Back!
Take a U turn!
Same way, journey is different.

20:18 pm Sunday

24 July 2016


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