Purity And Tranquillity

All clinging and attachments have nothing to do with the Tao or the virtue.

People fail to realize the Tao because they have deviant minds.
Deviance in the mind means the spirit is alarmed.
Spirit alarmed, there is clinging to things.
Clinging to things,

there is searching and coveting.
Searching and coveting,

there are passions and afflictions.
Passions, afflictions, deviance, and imaginings

trouble and pester mind and body.
Then one falls into turbidity and shame,

Ups and downs, life and death.
Forever immersed in the sea of misery,

One is in eternity lost to the true Tao.
The Tao of true permanence

Will naturally come to those who understand.
Those who understand the realization of the Tao

Will rest forever in the pure and tranquil.
[excerpt shared from :

Ching-ching miao-ching

(Purity and Tranquility)

author unknown (618 – 906 CE)

translated by : Liva Kohn]
(This post was copied as it is from Facebook page: Tao Te Ching)


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