Floating In Air With Music 

Put a song on in your mobile phone
Must be the one you like most
Don’t use earphone or hands-free
Increase the volume on high
Put your phone in a safe place
From where you may listen the song clearly
Stand 5 – 9 feet far from your mobile
Close your eyes
And feel the music
Listen the words
And you will see yourself smiling
Don’t stop here
Breath the music
Let it flow with blood in your veins
It will make you jiggle
Let your body blow in the air
Don’t think about the form of the dance
Don’t dance
Leave your hands free to move
It’s what lies within you
Just rock with the music till the song ends
When the song ends
Will you let me know how do you feel?

14:00 Tuesday 

2nd of August 2016


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