My writing is to release what I have stored in my mind from outside world through my senses. It might be informations, opinions, emotions or feelings, thoughts, concepts, picture, sound etc.
For writing, people must have a topic, some emotions or feeling one feels about and some thoughts regarding the topic. I don’t need anything. I’m not talking about equipment for writing. The matter is needed, that is must forget them. I don’t need the matter too. I write for nothing, neither to get money nor fame through blogs. I’m not a writer.
But I do write,  that is true. I’m writing this and it’s true. I say I don’t need anything, not even the matter to write. And that is also true. This is why my articles are useless for people. They won’t find anything, any answer, any suggestion about their marital life, or so called spiritual queries. I do not even praise any imaginary person living in imaginary place up in the sky.
So these writings are for me. I write and never read. My writings are so useless that even I don’t go through with my previous posts. They are past, time has been passed and my mind has matured now.
What I writes is for one time only. I am not professional and my writing is for self, to release. It releases the emotions I  have. Once I lose the flow-of-emotions (thoughts), I quit or stop writing on the point, incomplete the articles, leaving rest of emotions (or thoughts) disappeared.
Lost the chain!

This is incomplete!

I’m leaving this article incomplete.

17:10 Monday

1st of August 2016


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