Unimportant Queries 

SHE >> So what do you think about marriage?
(She put her head on his shoulder and asked)
HE >> I think, the tradition was started when land became important for people. They needed someone to take care of their lands after them. It was the time when agriculture had just became another but important source of income after animal husbandry. So, men started having a particular lady with them who could produce son to take care of man’s wealth after him. Though, man had the right to have many ladies but lady didn’t have right to have many men so that the father could be confirmed about him children. This relationships between ladies with particular man was legalized by society with naming it marriage. It was also approved by religion and they created it as tradition. When this tradition was not started, children would be recognized by their mother for instance Anjani-putra (son of Anjani), Kunti-putra (son of Kunti) etc. They would praise the relationships calling it is ‘holy relationships made by god himself in heaven’ but the funny things is, it was allowed in their castes only and ‘their god never fixes inter-caste marriages’ and if  couple belong to different castes or religions, people don’t accept it though it also could be considered as wishing of god..
(She looked unhappy, irritated. She stopped him)
SHE >> Ok, I asked you about your marriage. When will you get married?
HE >> How much this question is important to you?
SHE >> I’m just asking..
(She was tolerant of course but he was not to answer her in simple words)
HE >> Is this vary important for you or just asking?
SHE >> I’m asking because you are unmarried. Why don’t you get married?
(She used ‘you’ instead of ‘we’)
HE >> I didn’t answer your first question and you asked me the next, means the previous question had not importance for you.
SHE >> I’m asking just to talk to you, to know the reason why you didn’t marriage.
HE >> I want to know the relevancy and importance of your queries.
SHE >> Nothing, just for chat. Social friendly discussion.
HE >> Then we could talk about that tree out there. I see it’s green. Now it’s your turn, put the next sentence and we will discuss about the tree.
(No, he is not an environmentalist)
SHE >> But it’s useless. We should talk about ourselves.
HE >> If you want to talk which is not important to you, then we should just talk. Though, I talk very less and you know that already.
(It was enough to blast her)
SHE >> Ok, it was my fault that I asked you about your marriage. I’m sorry. Forgive me! I was just asking you because we are friends and you started explaining me society of 6th Century BC, how marriages started and this tradition came to practice wtf! Go to hell.. with your communist mind and die alone! Bye!
(And she left! He was not sad but smiling and thinking that a girl pretending to care of him has been revealed)

23:10 Monday

1st of August, 2016


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