Write To Release 

​It’s irritating

When I want to write something

To get freed from a particular emotion or thought

But find no words.
Writing I find is good

Because I don’t need someone to listen me.

I can say anything,

Of course in gentle way

Because the platform is open to all.
I feel poetry is difficult.

Saying all in few words

Leaves me with feeling of incompleteness.
Writing much is boring

And reading those long articles or books is also boring for me.
I wonder,

How these novelists write books

And seeing those books in shelves for readers

Is another wonder for me.
Some people write to inform others 

About their opinions

Regarding social-political issues.
Ok, some people write to earn money, 

Fame, to attract people

While I write to release myself.

We all are on our paths 

And our ways are different.

23:29 Monday

1st of August 2016


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