Unfocused Mind With Limited Time

I don’t practice Tai Chi at home. I do not do my homework I get in Chinese language class. I have almost left practicing to improve my acting skill. My physical activities are none nowadays.

– and today a friend gave me Albert Camus’ THE FALL, to read and think if we can perform it as a play.
Time is limited, the same 24 hours for everyone. I do not spend much time on Facebook. Writing here I do for myself and it’s as important for me as breathing.
I have this single night to read the book, to do homework for language, to practice Tai chi.
Mind must be focused on what I’m doing. It’s best option I can do to save my time. One work at a time.

Actually what happens, mind goes to think other things related to the topic, for instance, I was reading my Chinese class’ register and mind started thinking about what all should I talk to the community when next time I will go to fotang.
Mind is not fucused -the problem most of us face in their lives.

Mind is always in past or in future. The future what mind thinks about is actually it’s imagination which is sometimes born from desires mind wants to do in future, or wanted to do in past. Sometimes the imagination is projection by mind with pictures.
So mind is always on run -and so it becames a philosophical problem. It rarely stays in present.
Mind controls the body. It controls and governs our behaviour. Ok everyone knows that. How mind in controlling the body and behaviour -needs very sharp observation without involving in process. Staying away from mind and body to see it’s relation and controlling game is interesting.
A focused mind is in control. If I could control my mind, I would be IAS officer.

It’s new job to have an eye on mind and behaviour, thoughts and emotions, impact on body of thoughts and emotions, etc. 
I’m sleepy and if I sleep with blank mind, I hope to wake up tomorrow with pure mind.
01:21 am Thursday

4th of August 2016


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