Dog Criticizes! Wolf Howls!!

I, now try to not criticize anything or anyone, any ideology, any faith, any system.
‘If Dog is not successful, he becomes critic and sees faults in everything, everywhere, and at last he realizes that so many works are undone. He then has no enough time to do all he had planned for his life’ : I don’t say so, they say.
I’m a Dog (they say) which is not successful financially, and I can’t be criminal. I’m always good, honest, hardworking, trustworthy, faithful, cold in behaviour, ..
Since ancient time we see some critics wrote against the system andthus we came to know the hidden part of history which was delebrately not described by winner races.
I don’t find criticizing a bad habit. Criticizing is good because it shows the other, hidden part of the something. It’s another way to see and analys. Criticizing is good if it contains not saying bad or blaming anyone. Sometimes criticizing is complaining for something, that’s ok.

— and suddenly I find myself in conflict.
I didn’t want to be in conflict.

I was quiet, writing here, and someone suggested me to learn yoga (yogasans) to teach people for earning money.
Now complaining: I was made fun when I thought to learn yoga (physical exercises) for earning money.

Then, I changed my mind.

Now, today, I’m suggested to learn this yoga exercises, to teach people, to earn money.

I have left that mind.

I loke yoga philosophy but these yoga-exercise teachers use it to earn money not to teach yoga philosophy.

Yoga is now in fashion. People do yoga to show how health-conscious they are.

Yoga exercises are good but using it to earn money is bad. And I criticize it not the yoga.

I afraid to share my planning with them.

I’m so uncertain about future that I don’t promise for next day. I’m unsure for next minute.

Dog becomes popular by his hardwork, honesty, nice behaviour.

He can be misunderstood as egoist because of his cold expressions, less talking, reserved personality.

He is not crazy about earning money. He is satisfied with what he has. He believes in simple happy life. You may find him ambitious but his competition is with himself only.

Criticizing (Barking) Dog dies with frustration. He sees many things are undone and no time is left.

It’s better for Dog to become a Wolf.
Becoming wolf is not easy.
A wolf must be courageous, ready to kill and die, protective, grave, ..he, the Wolf, is a Dog with Tiger’s Soul within. He doesn’t bark, he doesn’t roar, but cries alone in night.
Wolf complains to none in night through his cry. He understands the power, the importance of unity but doesn’t afraid to roam alone.

I don’t wantto be complaining, criticizing, crying.

I keep myself in safe side, 

I keep myself quiet,

I keep myself moving slowly.
All of a sudden I find that I’m in conflict.

I try to avoid, but it thrushes me inside.

I try to ignore and it becomes larger.

I have to get into in conflict to stop it forcefully.

00:23 Sunday

7th of August 2016


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