If Karma Is Bitchy!

Me >>

I know problem is what and where.
Ta >>

If cause is known, effects can be controlled : four noble truths : cause – and – effects!
Me >>

I know where the problem emerges from.
Ta >>

Understand the cause and it will break itself down.
Me >>

I know how to solve the problem.
Ta >>

Make efforts and solve it. Cause is known, aware about efforts, having consciousness to understand it, that is great!
Me >>

I make efforts for uplifting my life standard but my efforts don’t work. My efforts don’t generate money. I don’t know why.
Here is a biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiig W-H-Y continuously laughing at and  making fun of Causation Theory for thousands of years.
All my efforts becomes useless.

I lose my enthusiasm when the time comes.
I can’t carry my enthusiasm for long.

I’m not crazy about doing anything or being anyone. 
Ta >>

Karma Is Bitchy, man! You kick her to go out but she will come back until the death comes. If death is your, she willbe there to see you in next life. If she dies, you are free!!
Me >>

Then kill the bitch!!

01:35 am Sunday

7th of August 2016


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