Moment With Confidence

A dancer dances

He knows he is dancing

That is confidence.
Before the dance, the thought ‘I will dance, well or not’ is Guman on self for future which actually doesn’t exist so far.
After dance, the thought ‘I danced ,well or not, is past which has already been gone forever.
So, I believe

Knowing, Being, Becoming

Blowing, Flowing, is confidence

And it has no independent existence apart from present,

Apart from the moment.

I was in a social gathering after a show to discuss about further planning. I was not feeling well. I stayed quiet, put my review just in two lines only when I was asked. Someone pulled me and I was about to fall. Physically I was feeling too weak. I was not confident.

I was in a workshop. The director thought me a newcomer. He asked me to perform a solo piece. I did Hamsa Kar Ley Kilol’s “ek hathe pahilwan..” with full confidence.

If mind is with moment, aware about what is going on, what is being done,

The mind may or may not control the activity,

But it knows the moment.
They, who were killed in massacres

Maybe aware of what was being done with them.

The Palestinian boy who was shot dead, maybe having the moment before his death.

Socrates knew he was drinking poisonous drink and would be going to die.

Dancer, Singer, Actor, any performer, has to be confident, to be with moment, to be in present, without judging either it’s right or wrong.
We all have to perform, before different people in different times with different conditions. We are confident when we are with moment. 

07:36 am Monday

8th of August 2016


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