Needed My Efforts To Be Sinful

​I know what the problem is

And I make efforts

To uplift my living standards

But my efforts do not bring money

So my efforts are useless.
I know where the problem is

I know how to fix it up.
They say to be calm and patient

They teach to wait and and pray

I always make mistakes doing efforts.
I do not see them having patience

They are always in hurry, in rush

To reach somewhere, to achieve something.
They also do the same mistake

That is ‘Making Efforts’

And their efforts bring them

Money, fame, power, respect.
Definitely my efforts are sinful

Or so pure that evil can’t touch it.
I want my doings to be sinful

I need the evil be with me in my side.

Baphomet! Are you listening?

21:48 Monday

8th of August 2016


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