Self-Proclaimed Spiritual Guru

I was tired after a day long event I attended yesterday. I returned around 09:30 pm. A so-called ‘Self-Proclaimed Spiritual Person’ was already here in long kurta-pajama. He was being called ‘Guru-Ji’. He was glorifyingly introduced to me and I was just ok, not impressed, not giving notice to him. With lighter smile I said
ME: Hello..
SPSP: Hello.. 
He saw me not greeting him with touching his feet to show respect, he advanced his hand to shake-hands. I did the formality and started to rearrange my bag, phone, etc.
SPSP: How are you?
ME: I’m fine, thank you.
SPSP: You are looking tired.
ME: Yep.
SPSP: Where are you coming from?
I dislike when somebody inquires unnecessarily. 
ME: I went just.. to see friends.. 
I replied reluctantly and I took The Fall (book written by Albert Camus) out of my bag and started repairing it with cello-tape. SPSP sat down at my bed, I was on floor with book.
SPSP: I heard about you. It’s good you are well mannered, you follow traditions, you respect culture, our customs..
ME: Well thank you but I’m not like that. I believe my behaviour is by my instinct, and traditions have been changed time by time and it must be so.
SPSP: See, I’m very simple person. I’m spiritual..
I was furious now, because he said himself ‘simple and spiritual’ person. If he was so, he didn’t need to say that. Simplicity and spirituality would come out automatically from his behaviour not from his talking.
I kept myself busy repairing the book book.
ME: Ok I’m also spiritual one.
SPSP: Your thinking is different. You are kind of materialist.
ME: Actually, I got this book from a friend and I have to return it soon. So I’m repairing it before reading. And I’m not interested to talk about culture, traditions, spirituality.. I’m not interested listen you this time.
SPSP: So what are the subjects you are interested in?
I wanted him to stop talking but he continued.
ME: Psychology and Philosophy. I haven’t studied Psychology, and talks over Philosophies creates debates, arguments. I try to avoid debates and arguments.
SPSP: Oh I feel you does not like me to talk to you. I just wanted to talk to you as younger brother. If you think talking is a crime than, well..
ME: No not that. I just don’t want to talk over spirituality, culture, traditions..
SPSP: Those are matter of experience and everyone has their experiences.
ME: Yeah, and experiences are individual.
Now he became angry but tried to control himself he said
SPSP: Your sentence carries a new question always..
ME: No, I said the same you said in other words.
SPSP: So which topic or subject would you like to talk?
I mentioned the book (The Fall) I was still repairing.
ME: Here in this book, the narrator tells about a man who betrayed with and cheated his wife. He got filled with the guilt of cheating and betrayal. To get rid of these guilts, he killed his wife. Now you discuss over it.
SPSP: I can’t discuss over it.
And he left.

He went inside and I didn’t talk to him though he tried to talk to me. I didn’t response him.

These Self-Proclaimed Spiritual People are actually Not Spiritual but just with a mind filled with some religious books. They are mostly Theists and trying to teach everyone they meet. Their first effort is to make you feel down or sinner so that you may surrender your intellect to them.
Second, they talk about god culture tradition etc. to prove their spirituality.

Third, they are easily caught by mixing spirituality with religion culture tradition customs.
Four, they use old fashioned words in Hindi, sometimes Sanskrit words.
Five, their final weapons are:

“You’ll understand later by time”

“I can’t teach you but god himself”

“God bless you”

He already knew about me so he didn’t talk about god, he didn’t try to convince me but he did a mistake when he said

‘I’m very simple and spiritual’

I smelled his stinking mind and kept it away.

Ok he might have felt insulating but it was not my fault. It was because of his ego he carried with fake image of spirituality and simplicity.

03:00 am Sunday

14 August 2016


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