Words Reveal Hidden Meaning 

​Ta : …so, it was the story, did you like it?”
Wo : Better you’d ask me if we could work together or not. Now don’t ask me! You’ve already got the answer, right?”

– It’s ok. You are, what you are! You might be having great bank balance and I’m financially broke! I’m 5’6″ and you are above 6′. You are muscler, fair, putting expensive clothes on but these are just how we appear on this world, before society.
– Actual Key is not here in our bank balance, clothes, etc. The Key is there somewhere deepest inside our mind, which is still pure and connected with wholeness of pure there outside of us.

Wo : You know what I mean, and words are useless, unnecessary, somehow disturbing, irritating for that.
Ta : It means, we can’t work together, ..
Wo:  I have already let it know you without words, but I didn’t say so.
Ta : Is it forever or just for this project only?
Wo : I don’t know, so I didn’t let it know you. And see, you have no idea if we ever will work together or not.
Ta : I don’t want to work with you then.
Wo : You can’t work with people who don’t surrender their intellect to you.

– They, who surrender their intellect, are easy-to-use by those who want to rule over people.
– They who are ready to be slaves are controlled by those having better minds.
– One who neither surrender his intellect to others nor makes others slaves, is a wolf!
– It’s not necessary that everyone having better mind will not be slave of other. He also can be controlled by better mind.

03:20 am Sunday 28 August 2016


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