Blurred Courage 

Few days ago someone on my Facebook shared Dushun Wang’s video where he says “When it’s time to shine, be the brightest…” He is an example for those who think the time has gone and no hope is rest there to fulfil what all is undone so far. Ok, each of us has different story and different goals to achieve, each of us has something undone we leave without completing because we find not useful, not interesting or impossible to make is out. Dushun Wang has broken his walls in his mind. He is 80 and still willing to live his life in fullest. I remember some lines by Harivansh Rai Bachchhan :-

पहाड़ टूट कर गिरा

प्रलय पयोद भी गिरा

मनुष्य है कि देव है

कि मेरूदण्ड है तना ।
I have been taught to live simple life, in misery, to be satisfied with what I have or what I achieve, and result is what? I will die with regret ‘oh! how much wishes are undone! Alas! I could have done so and so…’
Living life in full doesn’t mean to do things blindly, randomly but to be aware also doing things, with all mindfulness. Without understanding, I don’t think I can live my life completely. I have noticed many times, a lot of moments I have passed without being into. I had started skipping life to live. It’s not just surrendering myself to circumstances but also to be being ignorant of moments, which actually make my life. Thus I see, Sardar Purn Sing says “इस बंदूक में सिर्फ एक ही गोली है ।”
It’s not that I didn’t do what I wanted. I actually had started but left without completion. I learned Kathak three years and left without completing gradation in it. I wanted to learn marital art and I did too, but only 8th rank of belt. I had started practicing Tratak but left without achieving any respectful position in Sadhna. I had a wish to learn Tai Chi, fortunately I learned 24 and 48 but couldn’t continue practice. What I can’t do now? I can’t be an IAS now. I’m overage for that.
I wanted to be a celebrity and there is still a hope. Jiddu says, “hope nourishes the future” and I see my future in darkness. Hope is helpless. It can’t nourish the future but desires do. Buddha believes desire causes suffering, yes, it does until it’s fulfilled and what if it’s done? I find a sort of satisfaction. Ok, if result is not what was assumed, there is still satisfaction of accomplishment. Happiness is totally different experience and I leave it untouched this time.
Dushun Wang seems happy at his 80s because he did what he wanted to do. He has achieved something which is generally considered impossible for old man. KFC’s founder also has a long story of failure but now he is there. I wonder, from where they got the courage, the energy to become so!
02:07 am Saturday 10th of September 2016


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