Emptiness Is Needed Not Space. 

Want to have a big house, mansion, bungalow, haweli, palace, castle…?
— because you want to show your friends how rich you are?
Maybe Yes.

Maybe Not.
Some of us want to have bigger residence just to show off but later, it’s normal to them and showing off becomes normal for them.
Some of us needs big residence because they need for their joint-family.
Most of us want big bigger house like palace and with large garden around it, but they don’t know why they actually want it.
Because we are looking for peace, love, so we seek for emptiness, inside ond outside too. In houses, we want empty place. More bigger room may have more empty place. If it’s garage or godown, we don’t see emptiness. If the hall is crowded with so many people, we still find personal place where we can be with loved ones or alone, or we soon get bored with crowd and go out for fresh air. This going out for fresh air is also looking for emptiness -outside of the hall, in garden, in lawn, etc.
If matter would be just for shelter, or to showoff, we would not need bigger houses but small houses with expensive decorations.
I live here in small room, I’m also in search for my personal space, emptiness, stillness, but I don’t have a big house – I don’t seem to buy even a single flat in my life because of poor earning.

— so I sometimes go to garden, I keep silence to be with myself, to see my emptiness. 
I wish to have a single room with 

One door,

One window with a table-chair and a table-lamp,

Single bed with normal sheet,

One small library,

Laptop with internet access,

Kitchen, toilet outside but closed to room,

One normal mobile phone,

2-3 chairs for guests,

One water pot, gilass, mug.
Personal stuffs :-

Kurta pajama or shirt pants pairs – 4

Footwear pairs – 2

Notebook, pen, books, glasses if needed.
In this Aparigriha, I’m looking for my emptiness : far from worldly things.
Emptiness is not idea for Chinese people, it’s not for just saint and sages only – it’s what we actually need in our daily life – we need emptiness where we can feel ourselves an empty – to release our mind and body.
I know where my emptiness and stillness are and how can I get it.

I know that happiness is not depending on money, house, clothing, car, and worldly affairs.

I know money is very important for living in human society.

I know technology can help me to solve my worldly problems.

I know, science can help me to understand the nature, systems, me, you and I believe it can be helpful to understand everything by time.

I know, there is still something rest, a quest, a thirst, a hunger – and I have found The Way to answer, to fulfil thirst, to feed myself.

I didn’t need god or other imaginary person for that.

I have found The Way (The Method)
And so I keep my emptiness with me

To be at peace, with happiness and love.
21:39 Saturday, 17th of September 2016.


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