My First Speech In Fotang

​On 18th in Dharma Class we were asked to share our feelings about 3 days Dharma Class, what we would intend to do after the class. 19th was third and the last day of three day’s Dharma Class by Tao Community. I was the monitor of the class so I had no chance to avoid sharing speech. 
I had been thinking in night what to share, because:
A- in all speeches, after few minutes my mind used to go somewhere else, where I didn’t remember. Maybe I sleep with open eyes.
B- My mind doesn’t accept English for long time. I’m not a good listener for Non-Hindi speakers. After few minutes, mind stops to understand what the speaker is speaking or talking about.
On 18th, same day, I asked a girl from China, she is a physician by profession,

“Should I give my speech honestly? Because, I believe the First Treasure is true but in other things like mythology, I don’t believe.”

Her wise advice was

“Yes, you should share your feelings honestly.”

“And what if it may offend to others?”

“..depends on how you express.”
Thise words “depends on how you express” made her respected for me in my mind, I didn’t tell her though.
I prepared my points in night, what all I would have to share and in which way. I tried to escape from showing my disagreements with the faith and put only points I agree with, also I tried to make my speech a little funny by words but the truth is my legs were shaking before that small audience. Arti ji translated some of my lines because my speech was mixed in both Hindi and English.
My speech, as much as I can remember now, was:-
Yesterday, we were asked to share feelings about Dharma Class. I thought what would I say? Because I was almost sleepy in all days, because I’m not a good listener for Non Hindi speakers. I have written here. I couldn’t sleep properly. (Audience’s Laugh)
So when I was asked to share feelings, I asked her (pointing her) should I speak honestly?

She said ‘yes, be honest. Depends on how you express your feelings.’

So here is my speech with my honesty.
WHAT I feel/came to know :-
1 – Answer will be given

But on right time on right moment (appreciation)

That Dian Chuan Shi from Canada  answered me

(Evil can be eliminated, not karma, not effect)

I have discussed about Karma & Causation Theory with Melody.
2 – Melody jie considers me a ‘question baby’ (people laughed) always having WHY-WHY-WHY and always saying ‘BUT’

Ok that is ok BUT.. kintu, parantu..
I sometimes argued with Melody

About religions

and she said:

Some people believe in this, some believe in others but (showing palm & punch) all comes from same that becomes Punch! And if you ask me more, I will punch you!

(Everyone laughed)
3 – Hints are there:
And answers / queries will be answered this way

But I have to be waiting and patient.
WHAT i will do after 3 day Dharma Class :-
1 – I will continue my daily normal life.
2 – I may/maynot be going back to my friends to come and receive Dao.

I want them to recognize something good in me. (Claps) I want them them recognize Changes in me, and I want them to ask me to show the way, then

I will bring them here. (Claps) Some people say ‘I have my religion’

Some people say ‘I have my guru’
I feel this way is not for everyone. Yaha koi bhandara nahi nahi laga hai.
3 – Holy teacher gave me Banana yesterday. It’s in boat’s shape. In Buddhism we believe in four yaana. Yaana means boat. Four yaana are Hinayana means small boat. Mahayana means bigger boat. In India we also have Navayana after Dr. Ambedkar and Vajrayana too. I think my boat is still small. (Audience Laughing)
4 – I’m going to be an headache for Melody & Chi Chi 

for our Saturday classes,

Until she show me her punch!!
It was one of my best speeches almost same as my first speech jn my English class. It was not so successful as my first speech for Varshavas was. This speech was, okok, but after all speeches of attendees, presiding DCS explained Hinayana & Mahayana mentioning that one has to be Bodhisattva helping others to get the boat that proves my words were listened and noticed properly.
03:45 am 24th of September 2016


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