Privileged Are Picked To Be Celebrity 

Wow! You are an Actor!

(They say with exclamation, a bit happiness, faded smile with question ‘you survived so far?’, question continues..)

Which tv show you are doing?

(Ok, normal inquiry, just to know if you do episodic tv shows, small cameos, one-day two-day works, ..)

Or you do Movies?

(They guess if you are not seen on tv you must not be in Movies also, still they ask to know how you survive, but there is still hope, hope to ask next question and they do it, as it’s their birth right to make an struggling actors feel ashamed)

Ah, you must be doing theatre, right?

(You think it’s your ground on which you can glorify yourself, to recollect your lost self respect, but questioner doesn’t stop)

Whith which group?

(You do plays with small, amateur group, most of tour coactors have been non professionals, you still fight to gain respect in your own eyes)

Do you stage in Prithvi ?

(They think only Prithvi is the place where theatre artists exist)

‘If one is actor, he has to be seen by people. He must have something to show to people. If one is an Actor, he should be earning money from acting’

– this is general thinking behind questioners.

If one is not on tv, ads, movies, he is not doing theatre also, then his profession is not acting, he is not a professional actor.

An actor is considered a poor guy until he becomes star, though, all stars on movies are Not Good Actors! …but they are still there, because –

They come from wealthy families
They maintain their rich look

Nawaz, Raghuveer ji, Rajpal are exceptions.

Market sometimes chooses exceptions to pretend that it provides chance to everyone, to prove that it believes in equality but truth is :- privileged are taken to be celebrities, others are either famous or good actors.

23:58, Wednesday, 28th September 2016


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