Inner Peace 

​The most important is

To have Inner Peace

To be in Peace

To stay peacefull.

Which is not caused by outer

Power,  Fear, Hate, Greed.
We are surrounded with

All means to destroy our inner peace

But, we have to maintain

Our inner peace.

We can’t complain or blame to outsider causes

If our inner peace is ruined. 
We ourselves are responsible to keep a peaceful mind.

If mind is peaceful, happiness is there.
Social evils are there.

Having inner peace does not mean to close eyes from evils.

Man is dead if heart has lost sensitivity, sympathy, empathy, humanity.
Hate, Anger, Comparison, cause to destroy inner peace.
All efforts are effort 

To keep mind Calm, Peaceful.

To be aware, no outer information can ruin inner peace.
It’s not easy for one

To stop evils from society.

It’s too difficult to stay uninfluenced

From informations comes into.
23:18 Wednesday, 5th October 2016


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