8th & 9th of October 2016

It’s again 8 has come in my route. It was 8th of October, and the day before yesterday was 7th of October, obviously. One of my friend asked me to record and send my audition to his friend. When I received the script, it was 7th, but finally audition was recorded after 12 o clock, I uploaded on YouTube and forwarded the link to his friend was then 8th of October. Next morning on same day, they sent me another script and asked me to send my expressions only. I recorded with help of studio’s friends, uploaded on YouTube and sent the link.
I got no response from them yet.
The same day, 8th of October, one of my friend called and asked me if I’m interested doing street play. I said ‘Yes’ and in evening we some actors got together in a friend’s terrace and started rehearsal for the play.
I doubt, the coincident does repeat itself in many characters.
Whenever, any of my efforts begin on 8th, 17th or 26th, either it never reach to proper end or get unsuccessful. Let’s see what happens now. How long I will be part of this group for street play, either we get contract for doing street plays or not. Also I’m still waiting for update from that Ad agency’s guy. Well, yesterday  (9th) I got a call for shoot, after a long time. Date is Not decided. The girl on other side was so fluent in English that I jad to say her “hello, aap mujhe apna parichay dijiye aur mujhe Hindi me bataiye kya kah rahi hai aap” (hello, first you tell me about yourself and then tell me in Hindi what you saying). I’m not so hopeful for the shoot. She told me that she is forwarding my profile for a cameo character.
Now is 10th of October and I have been writing this post since 8th.

03:58 am Sunday 10th of October 2016


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