Drinking Milk After a Long Time 

​It’s milk which I drank last night after a long time, almost 10 years. I was feeling very hungry and I had two packets of milk (one litter). I generally don’t drink milk but I did because it was only think available at home and i didn’t want to go out to buy other stuff, cooking is always boring for me. 
Why don’t I drink milk ??
1 – (Taste) I don’t like the taste
2 – (For Whom) I think it’s for kids only, I’m a grown male
3 – ( Putting sugar can’t make milk something else. It’s still the same milk
4 – (NonVege) : Milk is nonvege! It’s not from trees. It’s not from earth. It’s not part of vegetables when taken from animals. — I prefer Veg! By nature, I’m vegetarian! Ok sometimes I eat chicken, eggs, but I don’t like mutton & fish. Nowadays I’m practicing to leave chicken and eggs also after receiving Tao. They, my Chinese friends ask me to leave Onions & Garlic also. Ok, Milk comes from animals and it’s not vegetable. 
5 – (Ethics) : Mother gets the milk for her children, not others. It’s Law Of Nature! If I drink the milk which is not for me, I’m doing sin! Ok, I’m not religious, so sin doesn’t bother me, yes. Drinking milk of cow, buffalo or she goat is not crime, I know but my heart don’t allow me to drink the milk which was for someone else, in mother for her children.
6 – (Colour) Milk looks white. It’s not my favourite colour. I like Red & Maroon colours but I’m not vampire, I don’t mean to drink blood. If I have to be vampire, I would like to be the one which was played by Johnny Depp in one of his movie — still, I won’t drink blood, neither milk.
7 – (Expensive) It’s costly! It was given by nature, totally free and people selling milk are doing sin. Ok, they are taking money to provide milk in residential area, but I don’t like.

All above points are just accuses to avoid drinking milk. Kids who don’t like milk can use these points when their mothers force them to drink milk but I say, milk is good and beneficial for your health. You should or shouldn’t drink milk depends on availability, your like and dislike, and your mentality. I won’t say to anyone to drink milk or not. I believe, nobody should be forced for doing or not doing anything. 
11:13 am, Sunday – 16th October 2016


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