Terrorist Attack in Mathura

Few days ago, some Religious Terrorists disrupted ‘Atheist Get Together’ which was going to take place in Vrindavan, Mathura, by Swami Balendu. ‘The Meet’ was cancelled because these Religious Terrorists were violent. According to Himanshu Kumar’s Facebook post, Religious Terrorists were beating people, they have broken all interior of ‘Amma Ji Restaurant’ which is run and owned by Swami Balendu.

BBC has posted news about it. I don’t know tv news channels talked about it or not. Indian Constitution allows everyone to follow-and-propagate their faith, but religious extremists became violent and using terror they proved the terrorism hidden inside them. These are the people who never understood their religion – they just cannot accept other people with different faith. These terrorists are found in every religion whose minds are closed by their so calles holy books – they cannot see beyond words.

Terrorists are harmful for society and to remove terrorism, we should find out the Main Cause of it which is always hidden in their Books. Having Devotion Blindly kils not only one’s own reasoning, but the society also behave like zombies. They who participate in riots are people who have Lost Their Minds, these terrorists who disrupted Atheist Get Together at Mathura were the same – their minds have become closed by Books and their devotion or faith made them Violent to Atheist people. Ot means, the terror they spread in Mthura was resulted by their Books. Here I see, Priests are also guilty. Priests never tell their followers to to be calm. They pretend to be peace lover vut actually they misuse Blind Minds of their people – this is what the reason is they reserve their position in religion – otherwise, faith is matter of between devotee and god – but these priests behave as they are representatives of god, as they only can interpret so called holy books. If there is any Communal Riot, Priests of the area are responsible for that. Here is this terrorist attack on Atheist Meet at Mathura, I see the organization, the terrorists belong to, is responsible and must be banned – also the priests of that area are equally responsible and must be sorry because they were failed to teach peace to devotees of that area – of course, these terrorists, if can be recognized, must be punished for spreading terror and beating peaceful people gathered for the meet.

I’m a normal, simple, financially poor man living in Mumbai who couldn’t even arrange money to go to Mathura for attending this Atheist Meet, I feel we atheists are not safe in India. Some other atheists thinkers in Bangladesh and India have been killed by these Religious Terrorists recent years. Though, Buddhist and Jaina are also atheist religions of India but their population is too small to save atheist from Religious Terrorists. It’s good that Buddhism and Jainism in India are free from Religious Terrorism – I have never found any terrorist activities by these two communities. Parsee & Jew are the same, small population and they enjoy their lives in themselves only.

Indian Government always talks about Terrorism promoted by Pakistan but it is blind to see Religious Terrorism promoted by Religious Organizations inside India – reason : because these politicians needs vote from the same people whose minds are locked in religious books. In fact – some of our politicians, themselves too, come or having relations with religious organizations for securing their vote banks. I’m hopeless to see Ambedkar, Bhagat Singh, Nehru, Lohia again in this country – I wonder, why Manik Cirkar, Siddharamaiya, type politicians are not coming out to secure safety of everyone. Home Minister only has not responsibility for peace inside Indian region.

I was busy preparing street play for an NGO, with my friends, so that I can earn some money for living – and most of us are busy in their lives. Only people who are not busy, having Blind Minds, are easy to become tool for Evil Mind – stay safe!!

12:31 pm Sunday 16th October 2016


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