Theists have Faith in their Books, Concepts of Gods – Goddesses, Deities, Mantras etc.

Whenever they find time, they propagate their Faith and share feelings with others.

Same way,
Atheists have No Faith in any book, concepts of god, etc, rather they may have Faith in Love – Equality – Peace – Justice – Fraternity ..

They also should propagate their No Faith and Faith among people

Whenever they find time.
Theists want people to be worshiping statues, chanting mantras, reading some books repeatedly.. For this, many programs and rituals are performed by them.
Atheists also should get together publicly for sharing and promoting scientific thoughts, to promote rationality, so that people get aware about hypocrisy hidden in religious books, so that people get detached from superstitions being spread by priests. They should promote Logic, Rational Thinking, to encourage people to Criticize Old Books and above all – to Believe In Love.
Yeah – of course, the Faith must not be disrespected. Faith is sometimes only hope for one when everything seems lost and destroyed. No matter it’s Faith in any imaginary person living up in sky, or Faith in any book, or Faith In Love – Fraternity – Peace – Truth .. 

And if one does not have Faith – also should be taken the same way with Respect of Feelings.
Atheists’ thoughts / words may hurt Theists’ Faith – but an Atheist’s intention should not be to hurt anyone’s feeling – but to aware them about superstitions, about dark side of religion, about illogical talks in books, ..to reveal conspiring face of priests – And these all should be with Calm And Peaceful Way.
When an aware one finds a person worshiping statues, believe me, his Feelings also get hurt. He became sad to see a human being with capable thinking brain is involved in superstitious acts. So Theists should also respect Atheists’ feelings – Temples and worshiping should be private and not in organized way in public.
Generally, they who ‘Believe in God’ hate those who ‘Believe in Love!’ Faith is same, object is different – but both imaginary objects connect with human feelings with Faith. If theists find atheists are there, they either avoid talking or start fighting losing mind. Atheist do not hate theist. He knows some people just practice ritual because they don’t have enough courage to stop foolish act in their tradition. He tries to talk and make them aware / thinking, not like him – just be thinking logically.
Theists use only their mythological stories while Atheists include all thinkers and their teachings from ancient to modern time, from all over the world in their talks. They talks about all religions they know.
An Atheist, who is not atheist because of hate to particular religion or faith, but because of having Rational – Critical – Logical Thinking, is real atheist. He never tries to make theists like him, he maybe Passive Atheist who is free from Faith in Imaginary God – Priests – Religious Books etc. Theists, when found one atheist, they pretend to sympathize, or get angry, or stop talking. Theists never accept Atheists while Atheists accept Theists in their groups. Atheists rarely use abusing language while Theists may become abusive and sometimes violent against Atheists. 
It’s OK when theists put their thoughts about concepts of gods and religion, same way, when atheists put their thoughts about imaginary person described in so called holy books, should be taken just OK.
All, theists – atheists – agnostics say they believe in Love – Peace – Equality, but if their behaviour doesn’t suite their words, they are Evil Minds and harmful to society. 
00:36 am Tuesday 18th October 2016


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