Greatest Culture Of The World 

>> Indian Culture is the Only Greatest Culture in the world.
>> Here laborious working people have been considered and discriminated as lower caste and have been kept away from getting education and equal civil rights. Women had been like slaves in our society. They who are rich and enjoying power but don’t work are considered civilised. Then what is ‘Great’ you see see in Indian Culture?
>> We have Rama, Krishna, Buddha, ..Ganga, Yamuna.. so I think.. it makes us greater than others. 
>> Rama Krisha are characters from mythological stories. Do we think, because of mythology we are greater than others? Can any nation become great because of it’s mythological characters? Buddha Mahavira etc. are part of history, they taught us what they got, but it was their achievements not us. Do we think, rivers can make us feel greater while we know every nation has their so many rivers which had been flourishing their civilization?

Feeling proud on birth place, history, colour, mother tongue, height Fake Proud – it’s not what you have gained through your effort. These sorts of proud are Not True! If it’s nourished by Government, Priests, Elders, or any others in children, then it is a Conspiracy! This conspiracy is to divert our minds from real problems of our society. If we are successfully conspired, we are controlled by them – they who use us for their benefits – and so they get power through our ignorance. We are made addicted of Fake Proud, and we become slaves, a tool for them.

No One is Greater Than Others!

No Nation is Greater than Other Nations!

We all are equal, we all are citizens of the same planet. Claiming to be Greater than Others is Non-Democratic! And it causes evils in our society – politics – religion etc.

If you ask me about My Great Culture, I would ask you about Dalits, Women, conflicts between Shaiva – Vaishnava, Vedik – Buddhists, Varna & Caste System, social-religious status of Women.. Malnourished children, Tribal Issues, Poor Education..

If we are doing our politics over mythological characters and playing with faith of ignorant people then our political freedom has been wasted. We are still not matured for political freedom. If we are moved and driven for imaginary characters from our mythological stories, it means we are slaves of them who know how to play with our faith for their benefits – they who don’t want us to think, they who don’t want us to rebel against our poverty – hunger – illiteracy – malnourishmennt – .. No! They are not Clever, they are not powerful, but it’s we who are ignorants that makes them riding over our faith – thoughts – emotions – and so we happily become their slaves. 

14:31 pm Monday, 17th October 2016


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