No Place For Peaceful People 

I have been student of philosophy in university. I do not have any problem with any philosophical and spiritual part of any religion or religious organization. Philosophical part is central and core of any religion – sect – organization, but when I see spiritual gurus and their speeches, I feel pity on their adherents. I would like to call them ‘immature’ if they are ignorants of their philosophies, otherwise – if they are doing it with intentions to misuse the mass, they are too clever and harmful to the society.
Rarely I watch preaching on television but when I do, I feel, the audience’s is being feeded with superstitions – and tv channels seems showing it deliberately because the audience want it, on other hand.
In spiritual matter, all are almost same – it’s journey to go into self, deeper and honestly. Religion, the outer part of the core, the philosophy, gathers people under one or some books, one or more gods, special rituals – and when I see, followers of one religion considering followers of other religions as their enemies, I see the failure of their religion & their philosophy as well.
It’s too dangerous!

They all say, all religions points to the same, but practically they hate each other. Their talks about One God, Love, Peace are Fake! If one is religious but feels hate for others who follow different faith, different religion, it means, the religion is proved unsuccessful and dangerous for human society.
I feel pensive to see all economy – society – political personalities – media – spiritual gurus – religious leaders – all are doing it in a very organized way. In this situation in India, I don’t find any place where I can live peacefully – without being disturbed by religious people.
18:58 Friday 21 October 2016


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