Unsuccessful Opportunist

​When I read about famous and commercially successful people, I find most of them were best opportunists. Some other people who had a dream to get or achieve something are either failed or loose anthousiasm till they reach there. Someone was promoting her handicrafts company and became model then actress and now she has her own production house. Another one was dance teacher, became choreographer and now he is famous actor. I see, opportunities come to those who keep themselves open for them.
One of my friend’s father was sharing his experience of life, he said, he did whatever came a cross to him – a job, study, whatever. These people don’t think much, they don’t have any goal to achieve, they do what comes to them, they do with all their 100% and so they get somewhere what other people dream to be.
Of course, setting up and achieve a goal makes one feel proud, a sense of achievement but that’s not always a success. Those who never set a goal but stay satisfied with whatever they have, wherever they are, are best – They face less stress and better understanding than people having goal.
Who knows what one has to be or to achieve in his life? Who knows why we are here? Don’t be trapped by clever priests who preache us telling our motives here in earth. Everyone has to ‘feel’ why he is here and what he should do – and must be attentive to recognize the hints by nature, whenever it shows us symbols. Yes – nature talks with us in symbolic language – shakun, hints, etc. Most of people can understand this language following their intuitions – but it’s for self only. We can’t say what one has got an experience is rule for all, no no, never.
I have been unsuccessful so far – commercially & socially. I don’t know how successful people feel, did they have the dream to be there or it was just by incidents they got opportunities to pick one by another – but this is what I feel when I read about them.
Thinkers believe, there is no special rule for success – same I feel – no particular cause to stay unsuccessful. Here sometimes mind starts believing in ‘destiny’ – what comes to face and pick, what is in unavoidable, which is surrounding us 24/7, ..apart from it there is weather of inside which is still not ours and changeable according to outer incidents.
To have desire of something and to get or achieve that is success – I think. It may be enlightenment, political or social positions, fame, popularity, bank balance, house – car – etc. If there is no desire, and nothing to achieve then what?? Yep, I say, I wish to be famous, to be popular among people like addiction, to get financial prosperity as well – but I’m not getting crazy about achieving these all. I’m walking in my pace, without crying. If I don’t achieve that fame – popularity – prosperity, I may die peacefully without regretting, but if I achieve that all, it would be better.
A monk is not supposed to be famous and prosperous. I’m not a monk yet. But I see my mind think about philosophy – religion – nationalism – anarchy in positive way – and acting is directly unrelated to all these. Acting has become a work I want to earn money from – it’s not a passion for me. Passion comes from within and I feel, I’m not an actor. Yes – Acting is good, and I want to do it for living – but mind drives me to think, feel, experience, within.
So, I’m not to act, I’m to think and practice within – but that doesn’t bring money to survive and I’m not getting work in acting. I see the conflict arise here and I’m cursed to dwell between ‘what I want to do/be’ and ‘what I have to do/be.’ I’m not happy because I think – to get some position – to achieve something, while life is flowing towards totally different way. I’m failed to manage, I’m failed to be good opportunist, because sometimes it’s too late what I want and I had refused what desired came to me.
So they say – ‘leave everything on his hands’ – means, don’t think much, don’t decide what you should or not do, do what comes to you, be opportunist and you are there – the same thought emerged from mind and has lost it’s originality.

18:04 Friday 21 October 2016


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