Willing For Video Blogging 

​I write here on blogs (Blogger/BlogSpot & WordPress) to empty myself. Writing on blog is better than writing posts on Facebook because :-
Nobody cares what I’m writing

Nobody comments and bother me

Nobody asks me why I’m writing these all

Nobody is here to show unwanted expressions on my thoughts and emotions
So I feel here free. I have found blogging a good way to empty myself.
They who want to impress others, or spreading their thoughts, they write on Facebook in small posts, sometimes in very long posts. I cannot even read those posts.
Twitter is another popular site – I have account but I don’t use Twitter. I feel it’s for too small posts that is not enough for me to empty myself.
I’m not any famous person. I’m not celebrity. I’m not a public figure. [ Like everyone, I also want to be famous – popular, I also want to be celebrity – and public figure – but yes I’m not crazy for that ] So nobody listens me – nobody is there with whom I can share my thoughts, my feelings. So I find blogging is best for me to share my thoughts & emotions with the world. (Of course I’m Citizen Of Earth Planet).
But writing blog has some drawbacks too. It has made to more silent than before. Because my mind is satisfied with sharing thoughts & emotions in writing here, I speak lesser and in lower voice than before, though I never been loud in general conversation with people. I now speak lesser using fewer words only, in low voice if I’m not on performing on stage or streets.
Sharing thoughts and emotions is necessary, almost compulsory for me to empty myself – to stay calm and feeling peace inside, but it’s still not a habit for me and I don’t write sometimes two-three or more days.
Today I got a new thought. Hence, it’s not so new, but after watching Balendu Swami’s short videos on Facebook – he posted to answer friends, I also think to make short videos through mobile phone and post on YouTube – Blogger – WordPress as well. Video Blogging is better than writing when I don’t have much time to write but emptying myself is urgent and too necessary.
But –

1- Place where I can find proper light, sound proof room, is not available

2- I don’t have free and unlimited Wi-Fi. People are using 4G and I’m using 2G.

3- Content must be worth to share 

1- Video Blogging is time saving

2- People prefer to ‘watch’ rather than reading and listening

3- I’m an actor as well, so I must be in front of camera not the back of the camera
I wish to start Video Blogging very soon. Maybe it would not be so good, it may take time, but I hope, it would be an another and better way to empty myself. Yes, it’s kind of Writing Diary, and for emptying myself only – it’s not for being famous popular, no no. It would be then cheaper way to be famous and I would Not Like it.
01:23 am Sunday, 23 October 2016


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