Sheeple Society And Their Superstitions 

Superstitions makes people behaving foolishly and looking funny.
We all have our different kinds of superstitions – 

Based on our personal experience and faith :




Advised by others

Superstition is when mind is closed by faith, religion, tradition, culture, ..sometimes seasonal too, when we do certain things because other people are doing. We don’t use our mind to think, if it’s worth and rational to do or not.
I see many people decorating their houses with electric lightings. Here in Mumbai, buildings are brightening with lightings and of course they look so beautiful. Other people, who are financially weak or not so rich, also compete with rich people in decorations and fire crackers. People buy new cloths, new kitchenwares, gold, etc. on this occasion of Diwali. Ok it’s part of tradition and not more than habit to do such things on this day every year like Holi, Eid, and other religions festivals. These festivals are to commemorate victories of some mythological characters over other mythological characters in their mythological stories. Now it’s part of tradition and misunderstood as culture of particular region.
The funny part :-
People believe that some gods / goddesses will fortunate them with wealth and they forget how rich people remain rich keeping poor, poor. It’s funny to see people greeting each others be wealthy and forgetting how they are being used by masters.
People forget that No God was there to help them when Upper Caste people have been doing maltreatment and brutality with them for thousands of years, and still they are copying others on these sorts of festivals.
No God comes to help people when they are discriminated and Not Allowed to enter in Temples. And I see people singing praising songs for these mythological characters. When religion approves and justifies any superstition, it becomes part of the religion. 
It seems that people are ignorant of how economic machinery works in financial world. People don’t study – they just want to follow follow follow until they die. It continues for generations to generations.
People need Addictions which helps them to forget the brutality of life. Excitement is also necessary to avoid boredom of life.

– And I we see their are Wine shops, Drugs, Casinos, religious/social/traditional Festivals.. 

– And so I see WARs, Elections, Political Debates on TV..
People are happy. People want to be happy any how. People don’t want to use their minds – so Sheeple Society comes into exist.
Superstitions are not just religious –

They are financial, social, traditional, spiritual.. whatever Steeple do is superstition – which is followed blindly.
21:23 Friday 28th October 2016


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