Wild Bird On Dead Tree ! 

I say

Don’t make any opinion about me!

You think I’m Not serious about my life, ok. You don’t need to contaminate me with your anxieties.

I’m with my nature!

I do what I can do and what my inner flow makes me to do.

No matter how inspiring words you speak, no matter how higher degree I have taken from university, I’m now an Uneducated, Uncivilized, Wild Bird perched on dead tree! But I’m not crying you see.

For you, meaning of a successful life is different – I see myself not from the planet exists in your mind.


I’m ready to die hungry!

I’m ready to do Sallekhana.

But before leaving this body, I wish to enjoy each and every moment, either I have or not the money.


If I’m escapee.

I escape to face this world and its realities

– that I have to earn money

– that I don’t have house, car, big bank-balance, so I’m unsuccessful and my life is failure

– that I’m not married, my life gone wasted

– that I’m politically-socially-financially nothing, I’m not independent, so I’m useless and not to be respected

– that I prefer to talk to only people I like, rest, I don’t even respond, so I’m introvert and reserved personality

Let me be what I’m.

Let me stay alone, if you think me isolated one.

22:08 Saturday 29th of October 2016


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