Explanations : Words, Unsuccessfully Repeated 

Many times I have been explaining that for me, why writing has become more important than speaking.
People who kept speaking for all their lives have finally admitted that they had not said anything to anyone. They admit that they had been unsuccessfully trying to say but still could not put into words what they actually had in their heads.
Next is, when one reads or listens, he understands only what he can understand by himself – I don’t find anything through which one can transmit his thought & emotions as it is into another.

I find no need of explanations.

Explanations, teeka, bhaashya, are nothing but repeatations, in another words, unnecessarily, time consuming, useless.
If one reads any book, listens words or music, watches any movie or picture, he must be ready to get what his mind allows him to understand.

Mind allows one to observe, listen, read, feel.
Outsiders’ efforts to explain anything is totally waste of time.
Person who needs explanations –

They are left confused, unsatisfied. It might be me, or anyone else. For them explanations are necessary, and required – but still they will understand what their mindswould allow them to understand. 

07:37 am Sunday, 30th October 2016


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