Incompletd Readings 

​Reading is better than Not Reading – that is all what I can say about reading.
I rarely dare to pick any book to read and if I finish it, I feel a sort of achievement – of course, it is better thought than previous one I said about reading. 
I could successfully have finished some books in my life, each one had less than 300 pages. Only ‘Mann Aur Uska Nigrah’ was for adults especially spiritual people, rest all books I completed reading were for kids. ‘The Alchemist’ and ‘The Greatest Salesman Of The World’ I feel, are for kids – and I like them too.
I have ‘Tao Te Ching’ all time in my bag but I have not completed it so far.
I knew a lady used to take books from Nutan Kala Niketan’s public library. She loved reading old magazines, big novels. I have never been fond of reading novels – on other hand I can say – I never dared to read thick novels, no matter how romantic stories they are, or thriller they have, rather I love reading short stories – they are easy to read, and don’t consume much time.
Today I finished ‘The Little Prince’. It took me 3 days to complete first reading.
I prefer to read Jiddu Krishnamurti & UG Krishnamurti. I have bought ‘ The First and Last Freedom’ when I was in New Delhi and also I have started reading ‘Thought is your Enemy’ in Infinity Mall, Mumbai – both in Hindi – but I couldn’t complete them. I feel, books are not for kids, are boring; or books are boring are for adults-olders-people are going to die soon.
One may say that I wouldn’t be reading book while outside people are playing krackers to celebrate Diwali – well nobody is to say that, because nobody really reads my blogs, nobody really cares how I’m celebrating my time. It’s totally individual matter of one. I’m individual. It’s same as having religious faith and political ideology one has. Matter of individual.
An actor is said to read as much as he can – so that he can go through so many characters in stories to feel them. Sometimes I feel that reading stories doesn’t give new information so it’s useless. Sometimes I feel just opposite – reading stories gives chance to know and feel new characters in it. O information is also there.
I should read both – informative thoughtful stuffs and emotional stuffs too.
I’m feeling hungry – it’s feeling not thought, and beyond thought & emotions, it’s fact – and have to have dinner now.
22:11 Sunday, 30th October 2016


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