15:00, Thursday, 3rd of October 2016

​I believe in something which I feel no need to explain others.

But sometimes it seems necessary to let people know that ‘I’m an Atheist’ so that people may not get confused or misunderstood by my behaviour and everything would be clear. 
I believe in ‘होना’, or ‘Being’.

From the totality of being to Human being, everything. Now the explanation and description of it would be useless and unsuccessful to put in to words.
They who ‘are’, they ‘understand’ it.

They who want to ‘be’, they ‘know’ it.

When morons, cruel, scoundrels, bad people pretend to be Theists and Nationalists, when they have started claiming themselves the only ‘truth knowing’ people, then, then Mindful people must be courageous to proclaim themselves as Atheists and Anarchists.

When it’s matter to save Humanity, all Atheists, Theists, Nationalists, Anarchists, should come on same path. They are on same platform if they are human being, if any part of them has been survived from getting corrupted of their religion and theories.

These people are happy.

These people believe the terrorism is when only a Muslim man belongs to violent activities. These people do not have deep understanding about violence and terror. These people can never have the understanding because their eyes have are blinded by tv channels, most of newspapers have become papers for entertainment and advertisements. These people are not hungry for knowing and understanding.

15:00 Thursday, 3rd of October 2016


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