Spending Time at Juhu Beach 

​I’m at Juhu Beach also called Juhu Chowpati. I came to visit in a production house regarding an ad but I reached Juhu too early so spending time here.

I’m right in front of Police Chowki, sitting on a small wall, closed to Juhu Tara Road. The same wall in sitting on, some other people are also sitting and waiting for the sunset. I see, on my right side, an old age man in village clothings is also sitting. I’m thinking –

He has spent an entire life

He managed to survive his whole life

I don’t know what good works he has done

I don’t know what crimes he may have done, which might be hidden and known by him only
He said he came from Karnataka. Maybe, from Maharashtra border.
I don’t know what this old man would be thinking to be here. I don’t know his life ans his past. All I know is his outer appearance.

A person, who may have spent all his life and still like nothing. Who knows he maybe much respected in his village, among his age people and relatives. Gandhi Topi, kirta – dhoti, cannot make one respected, neither age nor looks. One has to be rich, financially strong. Otherwise life is nothing.

My shoes are old. Sole has been broken. Socks are torn. I’m afraid if my future is like this old man. I would prefer to stay alone, unknown, with my peace and awareness about me.

I’m feeling hungry. Vada Pav is cheapest and easily available food in Mumbai but here is no shop this time. Other restaurants near this area, I think, are too expensive for me.

Person who is financially poor, may have has happiness in his heart, but he has to remain hungry if shops are for rich people only.

I don’t know how my performance will be in production house. I’m not happy if I grab this ad. I cannot be happy without fame-popularity-wealth. Outsiders come here to see sunset at Juhu Beach and I’m to spend time, I’m who has alredy spent more than half of his life, without any notable achievements.

16:04 Tuesday, 1st November 2016


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