Writing Diary Is Better Than Writing Blog Article 

​I was washing some kitchenware and thought came that another way to write on blog can be just the same I used to do in my diaries during my college days. To write each and everything without putting any title on it. After all these are not articles to show my thoughts & emotions over any particular topic.
I’m Not professional writer. I’m Not even blogger in that sense people write to propagate their faith or ideologies. I’m here to look at myself – so that I may know what I was in my past and what changes were I have been through. Also I’m not here to propagate any faith, any political ideology. I’m all for myself only. And these writings are for me only. So putting title and giving these writings the way of articles, sometimes doesn’t satisfy my inner.
I want to collect each and every emotion & thought, I should count each of the incident I face here on earth – the same I used to do in my diaries – title was not there but just date and day, up there on corner of the page. Here, date and day can be title, and rest all under the Date & Day, there would be incidents, effects & impacts on me, my emotions & thoughts, ..
Suppose, I hate any political party, I will write some lines what comes in my mind, and this is how I will get rid of the thought. If I feel worship places are irritating to me, I will write that too. If I feel my mandarin class is not going well, it also must be there. And all these under same date as title. There would not be Names of Articles. These writings are to release my thoughts and emotions, to get rid of them.
These are what I cannot share to anyone around me. If someone around the globe finds these writing interesting, they may read for themselves. “Nirvandarshi ko chhipaane mein a-samarth kahaa gayaa hai” I don’t claim to be seeker of any kind of enlightenment. I’m Not courageous enough to open myself on blogs. Kf course, in my diaries, there were my secrets ai would never share to anyone – so I burnt them after writing 16-17 registers/notebooks. Here I cannot dare to be so bold I was on my diaries but I will try to be honest to myself.
And at last, there would be time, when the thought or emotion was there, or the incident happened. It can be few to many lines. It can start without any formal initiation and stop at all of a sudden. Formality must stay away from me and myself. Hope these writings can help me to make more closer to myself. 
And if I find it’s not the good way, I will change the way – again. After all, yeh mera apna blog hai, mere liye.
23:24 Monday 7th November 2016


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