Freedom Is For Rich People 

​You still think of people what they may consider about you.
Yes you are right.
You are not free at all.
Yes you are right.
You must be free.
Yes, right.
When will you be free?
I don’t know.
Why don’t you know.
Because I have no idea.
But as you pretend to be carefree person, you should be free from people’s opinions, right?
Why are you so then?
Do I really need to answer the question?
Depends on you if you want.
I’m surrounded by economic society which considers everyone by their financial status.
I’m unable to live in this society.
You need to go past in ancient time and live with mythological characters.
I would like to live with cartoon characters : Motu Patlu, Tom-&-Jerry, Popeye, Balloo, Don Karnage, ..
So you find yourself not fit in society.
This is not society.
What is society then, according to you?
Society has nothing with monetary system, marriages, organized schools, religions.. our human society has been corrupted by these all evils.
We kept saying ‘money is the root of all evils’ but we cannot ignore the system. It’s helpful in exchange things.
Of course! But now our tendency has become to earn money. We think the money is power. All our school, education, talents, religion also teach our kids to earn money.
Religion also teaches to earn money only?
Yes. Don’t see what is written in their books. Observe how religious people are, for what they are praying for.
We cannot ignore monetary or financial system.
We should not.
We must be knowing that money is just a medium to exchange things. If one has large amount of money in his bank account or in tijori, it does not make him rich.
Right. Rich are people having lands, talent, specializations in their fields, well, ok. But what about them who are rich financially?
They are well in earning money. Others are well in earning knowledge, many others are well in practicing their art, education etc.
You said, schools also teach our kids to earn money. Why do you think it’s wrong?
I didn’t mean that schools teach just earning money. Schools teach many things, but parents want their children to be focused on getting marks, so that they can earn good money in their future. I never found any parents who wanted their children to become social worker to work in jungle with aboriginals.
But we cannot be against schools.
If you think so, this way, why don’t you talk to people directly?
Nobody would listen me (smile) UG was a barking dog. Dog is my Chinese Zodiac  (wink).
You believe in astrology, palmistry, ..?
They are interesting.
So you read them.
Were you ever believer of astrology, palmistry?
How much?
I used to read numerology, palmistry was also my favourite subject, studying kundali chart is also interesting.
Did you find them somehow helpful to understand your life or you life path?
It would be better if I could try to know myself through understanding myself directly by knowing how my mind and body works. Relationship with mind-body and weather-society-media.. it’s what I think one should to understand.
What if you are poor?
Poor in which sense?
Financially poor.
That I’m already.

14:33 Tuesday 8th of November 2016


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