Tai Chi or Yoga – do anything but with Love 

​Shraddhanshu Shekhar posted in Tai Chi Secret Movements (Facebook Group) :-
“People ask me why don’t I do Yoga and why do I do Tai Chi.”
Lauriat Lane Third commented –

“People often confuse the simplistic practice of asanas with yoga, qigong is in fact simply one of the eight branches of true yoga.”
Conny Landskröner said –

“Some do both…my choice is Tai Chi. I hate as a child floor gymnastics…but I like athletics, climbing, running very much. Yoga seems (nowadays) to me as very strong floor gymnastic. I think I like to have fun with all I am doing…I am not achievement-oriented but in the end this way is for me successful.”
Shraddhanshu Shekhar replied –

Nowadays in India, Yoga is in nothing but commercialized fashion and status symbol to show you are health conscious. I learned Tai Chi (24 & 48) from my Chinese – Taiwanese friends and it was totally Free!
Lauriat Lane Third said –

This illustrates my point, actual Yoga is a complex and lifelong practice of training both body and mind. Modern populist yoga, in the west and in india has degenerated into an ego system of performance of the asanas, and total neglect of the scientific and philosophical studies that are real yoga. Sadly the same thing is now beginning to happen to tai chi with miraculous powers being claimed, and spurious push hands replacing proper solo practice.
Dow Thompson asks –

What’s true yoga?
Conny Landskröner puts his opinion –

Yes and no. The chinese lineholder from the original Tai Chi founder familys discover since 15-20 years the world…all have the choice to take what they want. Since one year the people who want to learn tai chi from me as a dance or gymnastic (only the form) get more…but I don’t teach as they want…for me the internals of tai chi chuan are more important than make a figure. You get what you want.

There maybe more comments now on my post in the group but what I conclude the topic here with is


“All what we do in our life there must be love inside.”

23:24 Thursday 9th November 2016


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