Brave Only Can Become Buddha ! 

Today, I came back from garden, and when I was ascending stairs to my home, I found a wallet there on stairs. I asked my elder brother if it’s his wallet. He said – no. He asked me to pick the wallet, he thought the wallet is of Vinay, a friend of my elder brother lives with us, but when we checked inside the wallet it was someone else we don’t know. My brother checked all documents Xerox there in the wallet and gave it to it’s owner living near to our place. According to my brother, the wallet owner said someone had stolen the wallet and a lady’s purse from his home this morning. He said the wallet had 20,000/- rupees but when I found it, it had no money but few notes of 10/- rupees. Nowadays, old currency is being replaced by new currency and people don’t have liquid money to buy foods or other things, and in this condition someone lost his money, it means a big trouble.
Ok, I didn’t mean to prove my careful observations around me, I don’t need to prove honest nature of my elder brother. I shared this incident happened today because again I realized that I’M still Not Enough Courageous to follow the ‘Buddha Heart,’ the first thought emerges in mind.
The first thought, after seeing the wallet lying down on stairs, came in my mind was ‘Why my brother left his wallet here?’ Second thought, when we checked those documents Xerox inside the wallet, came in my mind was ‘We should return it to it’s owner’ which actually my brother did instantly but the second thought emerged in my mind which I didn’t share to my brother was – ‘What if the wallet owner thinks us pickpocketer? Why do we need to be honest? It’s not our wallet. We should throw it and get rid of it.’
Another incident, before the incident I have described above, happened today when I was returning from garden. I saw a blind guy standing alone beside road, holding his stick, ‘maybe he needed someone to get him cross the road’ – the first thought emerged in my mind and instantly the second thought emerged was ‘Let someone else help him, why do I? Maybe he is waiting for his other friends’ and I continued moving towards my home. – this also was realisation of being my less courageous to accept and follow my first thought. Actually, a brave only follow his first thought. I’m Not Brave! (As Of Now).

19:48pm 15th November 2016


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